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The heat of summer can be unrelenting. As the sun swelters, it can be a chore to go outside, no matter how much you want to enjoy the summer. Walking anywhere can result in a sweat, and even driving is uncomfortable with hot, sticky seats. It can be tempting just to stay inside in the shade, cooled either by a fan or by air conditioning.

As well, no matter how much you would like a vacation, time away from work can be limited. Often, there isn’t enough time to get away and going somewhere over the weekend will unfortunately be spent mostly travelling to and from your destination.

Wouldn’t it be great if every day could be a vacation? That every day, after work, you could just get away and melt the stress away in a cool, relaxing pool? Wouldn’t it be great if your vacation destination was in your back-yard?

With an in ground pool, every day can be a vacation.

With an in ground pool, you can:

  • Escape the stress of work in your own back yard
  • Enjoy all the benefits of summer without any of the drawbacks
  • Make your back yard into a social nexus where everyone will want to visit
  • Turn your back yard into a sun-bathing spa
  • Read by the pool from morning to evening
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Enjoy luxury at a reasonable price

Where do I get started?

To get started, we recommend that you read through the features of in ground pools found here:

  • What are the features of an in ground pool?
    We’ve researched and compiled a lot of information about in ground pools and presented this information in a way that it is hopefully easy to access. When shopping for any addition to your home, it can often be daunting and difficult to find an unbiased, objective perspective. This is especially true for in ground pools. Since we are not connected to any particular contractor or pool company, we are here to serve that role.

    In this section, we will go over the benefits of in ground pools over other types of pools. As well, we give you a full breakdown of the kinds of in ground pools available on the market today. This hopefully will help you figure out what fits your back yard, your budget, and what you want out of your pool. Some people want a pool that emphasizes fitness over recreation, while others seek a pool that accommodates relaxation more than swimming laps. We will help you sort out which pool fits your lifestyle the best.

    After you have reviewed the plethora and variety of pools that are out there, we recommend that you take a look at our breakdown of the the buying process next:
  • How to buy an in ground pool
    Going to a contractor armed with knowledge and a full understanding of what you want out of your in ground pool will really help you feel at ease and confident. As well, the contractor will have an easier time understanding your needs and you are sure to be on the same page throughout the entire construction process.

    In this section, we’ll go through the step by step process of purchasing your own in ground pool, from the preliminary planning phases through the entire construction time. As well, we provide tips on how to find a good contractor and what questions you should discuss with them through every step.
  • How to take care of your pool
    Once you have your pool and in the incredible relaxation it provides, you will want to make sure you know how to keep it in good shape. While your contractor and the pool manufacturer should provide you with tips that relate to your particular model, we want to give you some general tips on how to maintain the beauty and safety of your pool.

    We’ve included a maintenance section to help you keep your pool running smoothly, safely, and cleanly. Also in this maintenance section is an index of terms and frequently asked questions, to help further broaden your knowledge and confidence. When your contractor starts to discuss water composition, you will know what he or she is talking about by referencing this section. As well, we will happily answer any questions you have about your in ground pool system. If you can’t find your question in our frequently asked question section, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to get you an informed and researched answer.

At ingroundpools.org , if we can help build your confidence through knowledge, we’ve done our job.

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